What effects the price of the boiler installation the most and why.


The cost of the Boiler, like most things you get what you pay for, Worcester and Vaillant are very good boilers but do cost more than cheap boilers like Ideal, Glowworm etc. In our view they still represent better value for money because of the reliability and efficiency.


The KW rating of the boiler. The more powerful the boiler the more expensive it is. High powered boiler is also more likely to require your gas pipe to be upgraded.


Flue. Boiler flues are expensive (horizontal flue is cheaper than vertical). Also extended flue length add to the cost.


System conversion, changing from open vented to sealed system or changing from regular boiler to combi boiler does cost more at installation stage but will save you money in the long run so its money very well spent.


Boiler thermostat. Good thermostats cost a little more but add to efficiency so long term are well worth the extra cost.


Boiler filters. You would save a little by not having a filter fitted but this can affect the length of the warranty and is a very poor way of saving money as keeping the system clean is good for efficiency and massively important for the reliabilty of the boiler.


Poweflush. Powerflushing is time consuming so will add to the cost, however saving on this is not a good idea. Dirt and sludge in the system will damage the boiler and is bad for efficiency.


Moving the boiler to a different location, this will involve re routing pipework, cost can vary a lot depending on how far the boiler needs moving.


Distance to drain. New boilers are all condensing boilers, this means as they burn waste water is produced. This water needs to be terminated in a foil drain, if one is not close a condensate pump or purpose provided soakaway may be required. It is also important that care is taken if running pipework outside as this can freeze.


Installation companies cost, different companies can charge different amounts for the same work. However sometimes the saving comes from the cheaper company not carrying all of the required work out. The quote should be itemised showing exactly what work is being undertaken.