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What to do if you have had your boiler condemned by British Gas or another company.

It really depends on why it was condemned. Gas engineers have a legal responsibility to condemn a potentially dangerous boiler. It may have been working fine before it has been condemned and you may have had no problems, however this does not mean that it is not dangerous. If you feel the engineer has been too quick to condemn the boiler you could always have it checked by another gas safe registered engineer. The engineer should have explained to you and given you paperwork as to why the boiler has been condemned. Usually this will be because there is a danger products of combustion entering the building. Sometimes this can be sorted out but often if its an older boiler with a flue problem a new boiler is the best and sometimes the only option.  If this has happened in winter it can be very inconvenient but safety is always the biggest concern. You should not be tempted to operate a condemned boiler until the issues have been sorted out.