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When to replace your boilerIt is possible to have a boiler fitted in most rooms, some have more benefits than offers. The items that affect cost the most is the location to the gas meter, flue option, closeness to existing pipework, distance to drain for condensate. Unless you are converting a system installing in a different location to your current boiler will have some cost implications but you might still want to have it moved so where is the best place for the new boiler?



Having a boiler fitted in a garage can have many advantages. New boilers are very well insulated and have frost thermostats to protect them if the temperature drops to a level where pipes can freeze. There is also the benefit that there is plenty of room around the boiler to fit a filter and its ideal for not disrupting decorations in the house.


Cupboard under the stairs.

Fitting a boiler in a cupboard under the stairs can work, however space has to be carefully checked as manufacturers all insist on a certain amount of clearance space around and in front of the boiler for service and maintenance. If we fail to give this space the boiler manufacturer may void the warranty.



If the current boiler is in the kitchen then replacing it like for like can work, however should an upgrade be required this kitchen is generally quite a difficult place to run new pipework with causing problems to the look of the room. It can also be difficult to fit a filter which is important to keep the system clean.


Old cylinder cupboard.

Fitting a boiler in a cylinder cupboard can work well as usually a lot of the required pipework is close by. One downside is a lot of cylinder cupboards are in the centre of the house so a vertical flue is often required. This does not affect how well the boiler works but does add to the cost of the boiler installation.



Safety concerns stop a lot of people from this option however fitted correctly there is no issue with this. Noise is another concern. New well made boilers are very quiet though. Usually there are better options but if your current boiler is in a bedroom then it is likely to be the most cost-effective place to put the new boiler.



This is really the last option unless there is a cupboard. The boiler has power, and a bathroom is a very moist environment. Fitting a boiler in the open in the bathroom is really the last option if no alternatives can be found.


Utility Room

Generally a good choice to have a boiler fitted in a utility room.



Fitting a boiler in a loft can make a lot of sense. For the boiler manufactures warranty to be valid you will need to provide safe access, Generally this means drop down loft ladders and boarding around the boiler. Most boilers are controlled remotely so you have no need to operate them from the boiler itself.


Hallway, Lounge, Dinning Room etc are all possible but boilers look out of place unless in a cupboard.