Boiler replacement schemes Wakefield

If you want to have your boiler replaced and have searched on line you will have no doubt have heard about – free boilers installed schemes, boiler scrappage schemes, boiler grants or Green deal.

What do they mean and could you benefit from them?
Best to split these into 2 categories:

Boiler scrappage scheme

This was originally launched around 2010. It was a genuine government scheme and aloud anyone to receive a £400 grant from the government to upgrade old inefficient boilers to new A rated condensing boilers. This was done to cut energy usage and to kick start the boiler installation industry which was struggling in the recession. It was a massive success, so much so the government pulled it a few months later as it was costing a fortune! However, the success lasted long in the mind of boiler installers. You will still hear of Boiler Scrappage Schemes being advertised now, these are almost always invented by Marketing departments within the company because it works with a lot of customers. It’s no different double glazing offers of buy downstairs get upstairs for free. The truth is almost always the company build the price of the boiler replacement up and then offers the customer up to £400 for the old boiler. This can make the customer feel that at least they are getting something for the old boiler. Unfortunately, your old boiler is unlikely to be worth anything (maybe £5). When we remove old boilers we give them away free to scrap dealers. We do not offer a boiler scrappage scheme, instead we offer clear itemised transparent quotes which offer excellent value for money.

Boiler Grants or Green deal.

Again, this is a government scheme however it is being massively scaled back due to cost and problems. The scheme is aimed at people on substantial benefits who have not got central heating or the current boiler in broken and beyond repair. Under certain circumstances the boiler could be fitted free of charge. It applied to people who lived in the property, so many tenants could apply and get a boiler fitted for free which was a massive benefit to the landlord. Obviously, many landlords found out about this and encouraged the tenants to get the government to pay for the installation when really most people would say the landlord should really pay. There have also been many problems with the quality of the boiler installation, many companies went from small scale and grew to fitting 100’s or even 1000’s of boilers. Quality soon suffered and due to the rate the installer earns the boilers must be fitted very quickly for the work to pay. Most boiler manufactures do not offer the same guarantee to boilers fitted under these schemes as boiler break downs are so much more likely. There have also been cases of companies replacing perfectly working boilers only a few years old to get extra work. We have even heard of landlords moving tenants on benefits in specifically to qualify for the boiler grant. Due to these problems, the government has made it very difficult for customers to qualify for these grants.

We have never taken this work on as we always ensure the boiler installation is done correctly, If a heating engineer is fitting a grant boiler one day and one to a fully paying customer the next he will need to fit them to a different standard to earn the same wage. We only replace boilers if we can do it to the correct high standard.