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Unbeatable value for money on excellent boilers

£ 1,729

Supplied & Fitted


  • Vaillant Pro24 Combi Boiler = £860
  • Flue = £80
  • Installation Cost = £420
  • Magnetic Filter = £84
  • Powerflush = £285
  • 6 Years Parts & Labour manufacturers insurance backed guarantee
    (Can be extended Up to 10 Years)

  • Price based on a combi swap
    (subject to FREE of chrage site survey)
Get a quote for a new boiler installed in Wakefield

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Why use PDL Heating?

You will receive true value for money
Excellent customer service and satisfaction record
Transparency – fully itemised quote, everything fully explained.
After care service – We look to build long term relationships with or customers

How can we offer the longest guarantees?

The majority of break downs of good quality boilers are caused by poor instillations.
Number 1 cause of this is by dirt from the existing system.
Not only do we power flush the system and add a filter, we also take a sample of the central heating water when we have finished. This is sent away to a laboratory for testing, you are issued a certificate as proof that your system is clean. If the water fails the test we revisit FREE OF CHARGE and flush the system again!

The manufactures love this as poor installers give their brand a bad name, so because of this we offer as standard:

Up to 10 years full parts and labour manufactures backed guarantee on Vaillant
Up to 10 years full parts and labour manufactures backed guarantee on Worcester Bosch

Why can you not guarantee the price before a FREE site survey?

Gas and building regulations are constantly being updated and improved. When a new installation takes place we may have to update your gas pipework and fit thermostatic radiator valves to abide by current legislation. You may need or opt for a more up to date thermostat and programmer. New A rated boilers have condensate drain pipes so the location of the boiler may have to change. If you have an open vented system with a cylinder and tanks in the loft this will have to be converted. The above price is based on a straight forward installation where these updates are not required. However should any of the above need doing you will receive an itemised quote which will offer excellent value for money.

Our Quote promise!

You will be visited by a heating engineer not a salesman.
Most boiler installation companies use salesmen to carry out the quote. They have some basic training in heating systems but do not have a full in depth knowledge, this can lead to missing important upgrades and selling unnecessary ones (the first time a heating engineer will see your system is when he arrives to fit the boiler, he will be under pressure to fit the boiler in as little as a day and may turn a blind eye.) What salesmen are good at is pushing people into a decision and selling the items they get most commission on.

PDL Approach = Your visit will be from a friendly heating engineer who is passionate about getting the best boiler for you. We will never push for a decision.

Detailed Itemised True Value Quote

Nonsense offers to be aware of (e.g. boiler scrappage - we will pay you £300 for your old boiler, once for a very limited period there was a government backed boiler scrappage scheme which ended years ago, at best your old boiler is worth £5! – companies that offer scrappage schemes simply build the cost into the quote - other gimmicks to be aware of include free powerflush, filter, first service etc, buy now pay later - all these things have a cost and are simply built in elsewhere - If the offer is for a limited period then why? It’s a safe bet they will be trying to push you into a quick sale.)

PDL Approach = you will receive a fully itemised quote, all the items will be of good quality and priced at good value for money. The 10 year guarantee we offer is given to us free select boiler manufactures due to the high quality of our installations.

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