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It can vary quite a lot depending on how straight forward the boiler installation is; the make and kilowatt rating of the boiler also affects the cost. Gas Regulations and Building Regulations are being updated all the time. When a new boiler is fitted it has to be done to current standards. We provide free of charge boiler quotations in which we will detail any alterations that need to be made to bring the system to current regulations. For a FREE of charge no obligation quote please Contact Us.
It depends on the size of the central heating system and the type of boiler, a very small system will be a little over £2200. However a large central heating system with over 15 radiators and an unvented cylinder is likely to be over £5000. For a FREE of charge no obligation quote please Contact Us.
Depends on how bad your old boiler is, old boilers tend to range from only 55% to 70%; new condensing boilers however, are over 90% efficient. So depending on how much you use your heating a saving of around £300 to £600 per year would be normal.
We offer 6 years (but can be extended up to 10 years) parts and labour manufacturers insurance backed guarantees on all Vaillant and Worcester Bosch boilers FREE of charge.
Very much like cars there are big differences in quality from boiler manufacturers. If your boiler is more than 10 years old it is not likely to be very efficient. Good quality makes should last 15 years, lower quality makes 7 to 10 years. If your boiler keeps braking down it can be more cost effective to change if for new.
Yes, we are fully gas safe registered. It is very important that anyone working on a gas appliance is fully registered.
Could be a few reasons, if they are flat cold then it is likely the boiler is not coming on or the pump has failed. Make sure that the programmer and room thermostat are calling for heat. If the boiler still does not come on you need to have the system looked at.
This is likely to be caused by a build up of sludge in the system, a powerflush will restore the system; please visit Powerflush for more information.
This could just mean your system has not been balanced. If so this is a straight forward job to put right. But it can also be a sign that the system is getting sludged up and may need a Powerflush. A visit from an engineer would be a good idea.
This is likely to be caused by air being trapped at the top of the radiator, try bleeding the radiator. If the problem keeps coming back there may be a design fault within the central heating system which is drawing air in. If so the problem needs to be addressed as air in central heating systems causes corrosion. A visit from an engineer would be advisable.

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